How To Choose A Squash Racquet?

Racquet Construction

There are two primary types of composition in a squash racquet; the open throat design and the single post, teardrop or closed throat construction.

  • Open Throat:

Harrow Vapor Squash Racquet

An open throat will help provide control and stability due to the shorter main strings. The Harrow Vapor has a superior blend of power and control that makes it the obvious choice for top PSA pros and club players of all levels.



  • Closed Throat:

Harrow Response Squash Racquet

A closed throat has a larger sweet spot that can be more forgiving and help you generate more power.The Harrow Response is a great option for players looking for improved pace without sacrificing feel or control.



Racquet Balance

In squash there are three different categories of balance in a racquet. Head light racquets, head heavy racquets and even balanced racquets. Each play very differently and have different benefits to the player. After-market modifications of grip or strings or lead tape may alter the original factory specs but general specifics are below.

  • Head Light: 

Harrow Vapor Ultralite Squash Racquet
Having less weight in the head and more weight in the handle make these racquets feel lighter and more maneuverable. The Harrow Vapor Ultralite remains the go to racquet for high level players seeking a lightweight frame with amazing control.



  • Head Heavy:

Tarek Momen Signature Reflex Squash Racquet
With the majority of weight in the head, these racquets give more power with less effort. The Harrow Reflex has all of the power and touch you could want in a flexible frame. 




Harrow M-140 Squash Racquet

A head heavy frame is also best suited for hardball doubles to create power and consistency when trying to create pace with a shorter swing or reflex volley.  The Harrow M-140 is our top selling racquet used by top doubles pros.



  •  Even Balanced: 

Harrow Vibe Squash Racquet

Evenly distributed weight will make these racquets provide maneuverability (faster swing) while still generating power. The Harrow Vibe is a lightweight, even balanced frame that has the perfect flexibility to increase your shot making and power.


Racquet Weight

Squash racquets range in weight from 135 grams to 170 grams. The appropriate weight of the racquet typically depends on personal preference, however there are advantages to both a lighter racquet and a heavier racquet.

Keep in mind that Harrow racquets are listed as strung, finished weights so the advertised specs may appear to be heavier than other brands. That finished weight (including all or a variation of paint, grip and grommets) can add 15-25 grams to another brands “frame weight”.  The only Harrow models that note frame weight are the Reflex, Response and Meta racquets.

  • Light Weight (130g - 150g): 

Harrow Spark Squash Racquet
A light racquet promotes quick wrist flicks and deception in the front of the court with increased movement of the head while allowing you to create power and control if a bigger swing is needed.  At 135g, the Harrow Spark is a lightweight frame with amazing control that remains as one of the lightest racquets on the market today.


  • Heavy Weight (151g - 190g): 

Harrow Storm Squash Racquet

A heavier racquet can help you add more power to your shots, offer increased stability and smooth impact through the ball with a longer swing.  At 170g, the Harrow Storm has a large and long sweet spot. Less effort is needed to drive the ball consistently with the additional flex in this frame.



Skill Level

We have 3 different skill levels for Squash Racquets:

  • Beginner: 

Junior Squash Racquet
The best for the basics! Harrow Beginner squash racquets are perfect learning tools for first time players focusing on control and fundamental skills. The Harrow Junior Squash Racquet has a sturdy weight of 155g and an even balance which provides the perfect combination of power and feel.



Harrow Turbo Squash Racquet
The Harrow Turbo features increased flexibility with a longer teardrop sweet spot for maximum control and power. The added overall weight of the racquet, with its even balance, helps players feel the ball better through the contact zone to groove their swing.



  •  Intermediate: 

Harrow Meta 115 Squash Racquet - Carolina Blue

The best ticket to the next level. Harrow intermediate racquets continue to focus on control but introduce a key element of power to elevate your game. The Harrow Meta 115 has added head weight in an even balanced and flexible frame which gives the fledgling player all the power and control they need.


  • Advanced: 

Harrow Vapor Squash Racquet

The best of both worlds, this range of Harrow squash racquets offer an even balance of power and control, helping players continuously improve their skills. The Harrow Vapor has long been the gold standard for playing and teaching pros giving them all the high performance they expect in a lightweight and even balanced frame.



Carbon Graphite Model

All of Harrow's Squash Racquets are made of high-end carbon graphite, recognized for the performance quality and consistency it delivers.


Grip Shape 

Harrow Sports Squash Racquet Replacement GripsSquash racquets come with a standard handle size, but the handle shape can change among manufacturers. The shape that you decide to use is going to come down to personal preference. Grip size and shape can also be altered with an overwrap or replacement grips.



How Often Should I Replace My Racquet? 

Harrow Sports Squash Racquet T300N String Reel

Racquets can last years if they are properly maintained and we recommend restringing your racquet every couple of months with regular play. Our frames come factory strung at 28-32 pounds using our premier lineup of strings but, ultimately, string tension is also a personal preference and can be different for softball versus hardball. 


Harrow Sports Barrage Squash String Reel


The general rule is that lower tension gives more power while tighter strings provide more control. We have multiple string packs and reels available at 17 or 18 gauges in both multifilament and polyurethane coating.



If you have any questions about our squash racquets please contact Dave Rosen, VP of Racquet Sports.